Calligraphy Workshops. Sherrie Lovler teaches workshops
on abstract art, lettering in color on black paper, and
passing along the teachings of her mentor, Dick Beasley.

Using Wooden Tools

Add dimension and vitality to your work as you engage in a surprising and visceral experience in lettering. Would you ever think of using popsicle sticks, wood veneer, wooden coffee stirrers and twigs to create calligraphy? Turning such common objects into lettering tools generates playfulness and innovative work.

We will begin with spontaneous mark making using wide and thin tools as well as the edge of tools on rough, smooth and laid papers. Using this fresh energy we will create calligraphy pieces with layers of letters to make works of depth and rich texture. We will fill in counter spaces with color, letter with color and add contrast by using different tools. You will leave the class feeling more comfortable to explore unknown territories of creativity. You will have the confidence to take productive risks and gain curiosity about the next lettering tools you might find.

This is a one or two-day workshop. For a two-day workshop the second day will be combining pen-based and wooden tool-based letters into designs. For an information package please call 707-528-1723 or send an email.

Current Workshops:
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Nature, Art & Calligraphy
Subtle Colors in the Night
Using Wooden Tools
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Sherrie Lovler has a BA in Studio Art and has been teaching calligraphy and related arts for over 30 years, including classes and workshops at Northern Arizona University, Sedona Arts Center, Colorado Institute of Art, Ghost Ranch, calligraphy conferences and through calligraphy guilds around the country. Her work has been in many juried and group shows and most recently in a solo exhibit featuring 34 of her paintings inspired by 34 original poems. She is the founder of Ink Monkey Press and has published and coauthored the book TWO AS ONE: Poems from a New Love. Her images and writings have been published in The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering, Letter Arts Review, Bound and Lettered and many other books and journals. Sherrie is internationally known for her artwork and prints which are available at and her newest art and poetry can be seen at

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